Jan 5, 2021 – 12:13pm PST

Little rocky to start but we sold out of remaining d60’s almost immediately + 2 extras. Still a handful of flipper jerseys remain. Keep an eye out here in the coming week(s) for the next drop details!


Love, Eddy🐬🐬

Jan 4, 2021 – 11:11pm

12+ hour warning?! 😎 The remaining d60’s (a little over a baker’s dozen) and Team Flipper jerseys from the new year’s eve drop will be going up today/tomorrow (depending where in the world you are) at 12:00pm PST on Tuesday, January 5th!! TO CLARIFY: This is only a partial drop – more Flipper goodies to come!!

EDIT/ADD-ON: the remaining d60’s dropping today… These are still part of the previous New Years Eve drop, so the “one delro per drop” rule still applies here. Please do not attempt to add more d if you purchased one on New Years Eve.
Non-device additions to your previous order are welcome, such as Team Flipper jersey (for example). Good luck!!🐬

Love & good vibes, Eddy✌😘🐬

Jan 3, 2021 – 7:41am

We hope everyone had an awesome start to the year! Just a quick update for those who are patiently waiting for the 2nd part of the drop to commence – we will not be ready until Monday Jan 4th at the earliest and we want to give some notice… so stay tuned for another update on monday (tomorrow)! For those who did get orders in, you are still on track for shipping on monday/tuesday and most of you will receive tracking today (Sunday). That’s all for now!

Love always, Eddy✌❤🐬

Dec 31, 2020 – 9:03am

Happy last day of the year to all! It’s been an eventful ending to 2020 and looking forward to the next chapter in 2021! 

With this last release of the year (shipping Jan4th-5th), we will have some black and white d60d and d60e, no mystery boxes etc. Also will have a small batch of 2020 Team Flipper basketball jerseys. I can’t forget… we will have 2 x Air Flipper combos which includes a custom matching 1/5 d60 along with the custom Air Flipper Jordan 1’s (available in all sizes, even kids! Everyone should be covered unless you are Shaq).

We are aiming to have another drop in January featuring some of the new flipper boros, more crazy titanium inners and of course delros, BB’s and more that will be inserted into the picture when possible!😘😘

Big love, health and happiness to ALL,