The beginning of FLIPNET

What is FLIPNET and how can I use it?

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FLIPNET will be the social hub for all things Friendly Flipper as we move away from relying on Facebook to fulfill the members, customers, and our own needs. This will allow us (and you) more freedom and flexibility to express ourselves going forward.

Your existing account on will be required to login, post, comment and communicate within the website and FLIPNET. We will have notifications for those that would like to stay up to date with specific topics or specific memeber posts on FLIPNET; including Eddy, jG and the FF admin team.

Why should I care, Eddy?

This will only affect those of you who would like to continue to follow, communicate and grow with the FF family. Eventually we will be closing the FB groups to focus on expanding FLIPNET via

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When will the changes take place?

Once we have thoroughly tested the platform with our admin team, the site will be live. We were hoping for Jan 2019, but as you know – delays cause delays which cause delays. and here we are closing in on February. A post will be made in the FB group and we will give plenty of time for members to make the transition to FLIPNET!

Note: This is just a test 🙂