The Friendly Flipper Genesis Pass, also known as the FF G-PASS, is an NFT collection and lifetime membership created for the community and supporters of Friendly Flipper and Friends. Stored on the Ethereum blockchain using an ERC-1155 smart contract, the FF G-PASS is limited to  333  passes with 5 levels of rarity – BLUE, SUNRISE, SUNSET, GOLDEN, and DIAMOND.

    1. Ownership of the Friendly Flipper Genesis Pass is verifiable on the Ethereum blockchain. All FF G-Passes can be owned, traded, bought and sold by anyone through marketplaces such as,,, and
    2. To purchase, you must have a crypto wallet capable of storing NFT’s to receive the airdrop transfer of the FF G-PASS. We recommend MetaMask as it is the most widely used wallet for both mobile and desktop applications.

All 333 hodlers of the FF G-PASS will receive a lifetime of free sh!t, benefits, and exclusive access to Friendly Flipper and Friends (as long as you own the NFT!)

In addition to the free sh!t, FF G-PASS holders will also receive VIP admission to all current and future Flipper Fest events around the world, featuring Friendly Flipper and Friends. You can attend one, some or all events each year! Visit for more info.

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The FF G-PASS can be purchased either directly from our SHOP (limited time only) and also from trusted secondary marketplaces such as:

FF G-PASS holders get lifetime VIP access to all future Flipper Fest events! 

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