Do you want to join in on the hunt but are looking for help?

If this is your first time visiting or you are not aware of how things play out here when attempting to purchase a device or accessories from the FF shop, please continue reading below for some insight, tips and tricks.


Do I need to register?

Yes, you will need to register on this website (see menu) to make a purchase from our shop.


Do you take PayPal?

Sorry we can no longer accept PayPal as a form of payment due to their policies around vape products. Currently we only accept Visa and Mastercard payments from our secure checkout.


I want a delro or billet box for me and my wife/friend/grandmother, can I buy 2 or 3 today?

Due to high demand, we have set limits for many of our products. Your wife/friend/granny will have to create their own account and checkout.

      • 1 (one) device per customer per drop. This includes various devices with different colors, customizations and special releases.


HELP! My card keeps declining and my information is 100% correct! 

Assuming your info is in fact correct and matching, this is a common occurrence. Many customers avoid this by phoning their card issuing bank prior to the drop to let them know about an upcoming purchase attempt at and you want to make sure it doesn’t get blocked. All banks are different and some may need to be called every time while others are good to go for ongoing future orders. Please remember these declines are completely out of our control and need to be handled with the bank directly.


I ordered a device and now I want to buy a boro or set of inners or some flipper swag, do I need to pay shipping twice?

No. On your second order you can select “ADD TO PREVIOUS ORDER” for your shipping method.

If you were in a hurry and you paid shipping twice… not a problem! Once we go through the orders, you will be refunded the extra shipping charge.

PLEASE NOTE: Some credit cards refund immediately, some take hours and some take days. This is out of our control how long the bank takes but in our experience most are immediately credited back. Once we send refund, there is nothing further we can do but wait for the bank.