FlipperAi #004

NAME:  FlipperAi #004 – “MAUI FLIPPER”

People’s Fund of Maui🪷

Note: For this special charity edition FlipperAi, only 1 airdrop per person regardless of quantity purchased. Quantity of giveaway spots will remain unchanged.



MAX PER WALLET:  Unlimited

Born on the Ethereum blockchain in the form of an ERC-1155 token, each FLIPPERAi is a collaborative effort between dolphin and artificial intelligence.

An ongoing and always evolving digital art collection that is both inflationary (with new drops/releases) and deflationary (burn your FLIPPERAi to claim cool prizes, discounts, and more). Created as a continuation of the once bustling Friendly Waffles, and dedicated in loving memory of Dan Zeltser.

FLIPPERAi has five (5) main porpoises:

ONE > Cool digital dolphin art that is collectible, limited in quantity, unlocking unlimited possibilities for the flipper community.

TWO > The original owner of each #’d series (purchased during release), receives one (1) entry to the corresponding giveaway. If you purchase three (3), you will receive 3 entries etc.

THREE > Burn/trade-in your FLIPPERAi. The flipper fun doesn’t stop when the giveaways end! There will be a second layer of opportunity by “burning” your FLIPPERAi – to claim cool prizes, discounts, and more!
For example:  Burn 20 x FlipperAi for a set of d650 panels OR; burn 100 x FlipperAi for a FF2 rezo d60, could be anything!

FOUR > Buy-Sell-Trade – FLIPPERAi can be bought, sold, and traded securely by anyone on secondary marketplaces such as OPENSEA.io  You also have the ability to make/accept offers!

FIVE > Hodl – meaning “hold on for dear life” in the crypto world! FLIPPERAi is meant to be fun for the flipper community. Inevitably there will be winners and losers with the giveaways so please NO butt hurt, and let’s have some fun! 

> G-PASS holders will have the opportunity to receive the first spot free in each FLIPPERAi giveaway based on the 6 RINGS OF DELFIN – Bamboo, Jade, Agua, Fire, Neon, Titanium.

>> ARE YOU ELIGIBLE? If the background of your G-PASS matches the RING OF DELFIN on any FLIPPERAi release, you ARE eligible to win that free spot!

>>> If/when the first (number one) spot wins a randomizer – we will randomize all G-PASS holders with the matching background and one lucky holder will claim the free spot and prize courtesy of DELFIN! 


Winners will be announced via live verified randomizer. A link to watch live will be posted in FlipNET discord. We will also be recording for anyone who is not able to attend live.